Performance Tuning for 1999-2002 Shortstar 3.5L LX5 V6
  • Performance Tuning for 1999-2002 Shortstar 3.5L LX5 V6

Performance Tuning for 1999-2002 Shortstar 3.5L LX5 V6

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Performance Tuning for Shortstar LX5 3.5L V6 found in Aurora and Intrigue


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PCM Tuning for 1999-2003 Shortstar 3.5L V6 - Intrigue/Aurora

We start with the latest GM operating system for your car and then add our performance calibration. This modifies many parameters including ignition timing, fuel curves, shift speed. The car will drive completely normal until you hit the throttle, then you will see the increase in performance!

-Speed limiter removed
-"Service Suspension" speed limiter removed
-Torque management removed
-Rev limiter in P/N raised to 6000 RPM instead of 4000
-Rev limiter set to 7,000 RPM in P/N
-VATS turned off upon request (for hot rods and kit cars)
-Ignition re-curved to increase horsepower and torque
-Fuel tables changed to give more power under wide open throttle
-Shift tables modified to be a bit firmer under wide open throttle (normal at cruising)
-Shift points raised a bit at wide open throttle

One of the best parts of this tuning, your fuel economy will actually IMPROVE. This is because while we tune for performance, that also increases the efficiency of the burn in the cylinders.

If yous send your original PCM in for tuning, there are no re-learn procedures that need to be done. It's plug and play. Removing and reinstalling the PCM is a very easy process that anyone with very basic skills can do.

This tuning will be for the following vehicles:

1999-2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue 3.5L
2001-2002 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L

For standalone/sandrail/hotrod options please contact us- we can remove VATS and set you up for running a Shortstar outside of the factory vehicle.

This is a tuning service, you must mail your PCM in for flashing.

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