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Timing Guide & Tensioner Kit for Northstar V8

Timing Guide & Tensioner Kit for Northstar V8

Timing Guide & Tensioner Set for Northstar V8. These are Genuine GM parts.

Year of Northstar Engine/Car
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Timing Guide & Tensioner Set for Northstar V8, Fits 1993-2011 Cadillac Northstar V8. For 1993-1997, a bolt spacer washer kit is included- so please specify your year. 1998-2011 do not need the spacer washers.

These are Genuine GM parts.

This also replaces the problematic guides and tensioners on 2006+ Northstar V8. The chains will usually last beyond 500,000 miles. The guides and tensioners are prone to wearing out.

See our other products to add an intermediate sprocket to this kit, if it is needed as the bushing inside the intermediate sprocket sometimes wears out.

Also, see our other products for timing chains. Again, you won't need them under most circumstances- the factory original ones will usually last a very long time.

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