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AC-Delco Engine Sealant Gasket Maker

AC-Delco Engine Sealant Gasket Maker

AC-Delco engine sealant. Beats out every other RTV sealant hands down.



AC-Delco RTV engine sealant. This tube fits in a regular caulking gun and will outperform all the other engine sealants on the market. Cures in hours, not days. Make sure your surfaces are clean, degreased, and dry before application. Ideal for resealing the bottom end of a Northstar, filling the grooves of the plastic timing bolt caps, and sealing up the flexplate/flywheel bolts. Keep a tube around for all your other projects, too. Once you have a tube of this in the shop, you'll never want to be without!

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Brand: AC Delco

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