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Woodward L-Series service cable 8923-1061

Woodward L-Series service cable 8923-1061

Woodward L-Series service cable 8923-1061, updated version Windows 11 compatible

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If you are setting up or servicing a Woodward L-Series throttle body or process control, often found on industrial engines and generators, you need to be able to connect the throttle body inline to a personal computer or laptop.

The equivelent Woodward part number for this is 8923-1061. This cable is custom built and improved to allow a direct USB connection to a laptop or personal computer instead of the typical RS-232 9 pin cable (which most computers no longer have).
With this cable you can run the Woodward software and adjust the parameters in the Woodward controller, as well as monitor operation and diagnose issues. You can adjust the set RPM that your generator/engine operates at, etc.
The L-Series tuning/service software from Woodward is free to download on their website. Drivers for this cable are included in the box on a flash drive.
All cables sold after February 1, 2024 will work on all Windows versions as follows:
Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 7, 8, 10, and Windows 11 (current version).
USB cables are 6 feet long to make servicing your generator / pump / industrial process control easier.
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