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Suregrip Head Stud Kit for Toyota 2.4L 2AZFE  2002-2007

Suregrip Head Stud Kit for Toyota 2.4L 2AZFE 2002-2007

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Available now!

These Toyota Kits are available now priced at $499.00 for the full kit, or $310.00 for just the studs, nuts and washers.
Photos below are of the first installation 2 years ago in a 2003 Toyota Camry. The car is still performing well.
Over 100 sets of Toyota-specific Suregrip Head Studs have been tested in the field and we've gotten very positive feedback from the installers!

NOTE: The kit has been updated to include the "X-Plate" design, self-aligning drill/tap fixture plate, saving time on your install and simplifying the process!

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